Kennecott Country | Wrangell St Elias - T Ganner Photography

On our way to McCarthy ... I knew there is a ranger station at the Kennecott Mine, but along the way I thought it prudent to stop in and visit with the main visitor center along the Richardson Highway on our way in. Stories and information varies, and it would not hurt to hedge our bets with more input. It was a good call. The ranger Katie was delighted to hear we are from Haines, and we found we have mutual friends. She recommended we stop in and see Ranger Vickie at the Chitina station along the McCarthy road, which we did. To our delight, Vickie told us we would have a nice surprise if we back-tracked slightly and went down the O'Brien Creek road. The view was wondrous, where O'Brien Creek enters the Copper River, a favored dip-netting location for salmon harvests. I believe the distant view may be of Spirit Mountain.

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